Dual Core Dedicated Server
Dual Core Dedicated ServerCPUMemoryHard DriveBANDWIDTHPort SpeedPrice From
Intel Atom D525 2 x 1.8 ghz Configurable  Configurable 150 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $59

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Quad Core Dedicated server
Dual Core Dedicated ServerCPUMemoryHard DriveBANDWIDTHPort SpeedPrice
Intel Core i5 4570 4 x 3.2 ghz 8GB – 32GB 4 x SSD/HDD 10 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $109

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 Intel Core i7 4770

8 x 3.4 ghz 8GB – 32GB 4 x SSD/HDD 10 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $119

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 Intel Xeon E3-1230

  8 X 3.2 ghz 8GB – 32GB   500GB HDD 10 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $119

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 Int. Xeon E3 1230v3

  8 X 3.3 ghz 8GB – 32GB   4 x SSD/HDD 10 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $119

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  Int. Xeon E3 1240v5

  8 x 3.5 ghz 16GB – 64GB 4 x SSD/HDD 10 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $119

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Dedicated Server Panel Features

Features Description
Bandwidth Graphs View detailed graphs of up to the minute bandwidth usage.

rDNS Management

Manage reverse DNS (rDNS) records for the assigned server IPs.

Null Route Management

Add or remove null routes on individual IPs, blocking all traffic to those IPs.

Remote Reboots

Perform a restart of the server with a click of a button.

Console Access

Access the server directly from the console, even if it’s unreachable over the internet.

1-Click OS Install

Install or re-install your choice of operating system with a click of a button.

Advanced DDoS Settings

Configure advanced settings for the included DDoS protection.

Hardware monitoring

We monitor your hardware for potential failures and alert you to schedule a replacement.

Many More!

We’re adding new features every month to automate and simplify everyday tasks.

Terms and Conditions

1. You do agree to our terms of service available here.
2. Promotion valid for first payment only, next renewal is base on normal price.
3. No setup fee and no others hidden fee.
4. Prices do not include domain registration and SSL.
5. All Prices are quoted in USD.
6. 3 days money back guaranteed for all VPS purchases.
7. Server setup will take 24 – 48 hours in our working days and depend on hardware availability.
8. EmyHost reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Why EmyHost USA Dedicated Server?


DDoS Protection Included

We know the catastrophic effects and loss of revenue that can be caused by a DDoS attack and treat server security and up-time very seriously. Each of our dedicated servers include free DDoS protection to maximize availability and prevent unexpected downtime from disrupting your business and revenue stream. Our DDoS protection works seamlessly to filter out malicious traffic while passing through legitimate traffic directly through your server. We offer advanced settings to customize the protection specific to your applications needs.

Support That Never Sleeps

The internet doesn’t have regular business hours, neither should the company that powers your servers. You can rely on us to react quickly if there’s ever an issue with your dedicated server. All of our data centers are staffed with engineers on-site 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends. Spare parts are always available and kept directly on-site for a quick replacement anytime day or night. We pride ourserlves with quality support and average a 15 minute or less initial reponse time to support tickets.


System Administrators by Your Side

Don’t let setting up and maintaining your dedicated server get in the way of running your business. We offer a managed dedicated server support option with any of our dedicated servers. Our team of Linux and Microsoft certified system administrators is available anytime day or night and can assist you with setting up, securing, and managing your server. All of this and more, for a fraction of what it would cost to hire even a part time system administrator.

Data Centers That Never Quit

Reliability and redundancy are our number one priority, which is why we offer a 100% uptime SLA on our power, cooling, and network. Each and every dedicated server hosted with us is housed in a top tier data center offering redundant power, network, and cooling. Our data centers are purpose built to withstand severe weather, such as blizzards, category 5 hurricane winds, and other natural disasters. Data centers are staffed 24/7/365 with server engineers and security guards to provide support and security for your data.


More Power to the Customer

Managing a dedicated server remotely shouldn’t limit your options for performing basic and advanced tasks. Every server that we offer includes KVM over IP functionality and empowers customers to take full control of their server. The KVM allows complete management of a server at the hardware level for performing tasks such as BIOS configuration and custom OS re-installs. The KVM functionality also allows for mounting of a custom ISO, removing any limits on the operating system and drivers. The KVM operates out of band from the standard server hardware, so even during a hard crash or lack of internet connectivity, the dedicated server itself can still be rebooted and managed by using the KVM interface.

Data Redundancy and Backups

Maintaining data integrity is typically an after-thought. We understand that data loss can be a major crisis and offer several options for preventing this occurance. Each dedicated server is available with software RAID at no additional charge. RAID will add redundancy to prevent downtime and data loss from a complete drive failure. All of our dedicated servers can also be equipped with our affordable backup storage option. All of our FTP backup storage is RAID6 protected and monitored in-house for data integrity.

Database and computer data security concept: metal hard disk icon covered by protection shield isolated on white background

Choosing a SSD or HDD

Every dedicated server available includes the option of either choosing a SSD or HDD at no additional charge. Each option has it’s own benefits for the specific dedicated server usage. SSDs offer significantly faster read and write performance over a HDD as there are no moving parts. The speed of a SSD typically increases with the size. Choose a HDD when you need more storage at a lower price point. Hard drives offer the lowest cost for a large amount of storage on a dedicated server.

Future-Proof with IPv6

IP space on the IPv4 protocol is exhausted and internet service providers are now making the transition to the new IPv6 protocol. Our network fully supports IPv6 and each dedicated server that we offer receives a /64 IPv6 block at no charge. An IPv6 /64 block contains 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPs and can be configured just as easily as IPv4. The new IPv6 protocol includes many benifits over IPv4, such as improved performance and security.


Will I get root access to my own server?

Yes. You will have the root access and total control of your own server.

Where is my server hosted?

Your server will be hosted in our USA Data Center.

How long does it take before my server can run in full action?

All our dedicated server will be ready in 24 – 48 hours depending on the hardware availability.

If I have complete control of my server, can I have adult content in my website?

Yes. But the adult contents need to be legal.

Do you provide any type of support for this plan?

Yes. We offer Free 24 x 7 x 365 First Level Technical Support. Our support team is working on shifts 24 x 7 x 365 including public holidays and is ready to assists you any time. Our Support Team can be reached by creating a Helpdesk Ticket.

How can I maintain the server?

You will be given a Remote Desktop login for Windows server and SSH Login for Linux server.

Can I visit the data centre for application maintenance?

Yes. However, you may need to give 24 hours notice in advance prior your visit to the data centre.

Who should be held responsible should there be a hardware failure?

Emyhost will take full responsibility and replace all hardware failures (if any), free of charge.

Can I own the server after hosting it for a certain period?

No. The server is owned by Emyhost.

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